30 Squadron

Providing the RAF's tactical airlift capability.

"Flat Out"

The Squadron's badge depicts a date palm tree to commemorate its long service in the Middle East.  This was approved by His Majesty, King George VI, in May 1938.  The motto: 'Ventre A Terre' means to go 'Flat Out.'


30 Squadron is based at RAF Brize Norton.  As the Worlds’ first Aerial Delivery Squadron, resupplying the besieged Fort of Al Amara, Iraq in April 1916.  It has been active in offensive operations during both World Wars and more latterly transport and parachuting operations, as well as air-to-air refuelling for military support and Humanitarian Aid response.  30 Squadron has operated aircraft including the Henry Farman, Wapiti, Scout, Blenheim, Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Dakota, Valetta and Beverley.  Since 1971, the Squadron's Hercules fleet has been involved in almost every RAF operation including sustained deployed support to the Falkland Islands, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

In December 2016 the Squadron ceased flying the C-130J Hercules and entered a period of transition preparing to operate the A400M Atlas.  The Squadron’s crest of a black Real Date Palm tree signifies the unit’s origins and significant actions in the desert, with the motto “Ventre A Terre” meaning ‘Flat Out’ on operations.

30 Squadron is the newest operational unit to use the Airbus A400M Atlas in Global operations, war-fighting, humanitarian and disaster relief scenarios.


1914 - A reconnaissance unit formed at Farnborough in 1914, although the Squadron number was not allocated until 1915

1916 - Became the World’s first Aerial Delivery unit resupplying the besieged Fort of Al Amara

1938 - Declared as a Bomber Squadron operating Blenheim aircraft

1941 - Officially became a fighter unit on converting to Hurricanes

1948 - Played an integral part in the Berlin Airlift

2011 - Moved to RAF Brize Norton

2021 - Newest operational unit to use the Airbus A400M Atlas

Battle honours

The 8 current Emblazoned Battle Honours:

  • Egypt 1915
  • Mesopotamia 1915
  • Egypt and Libya 1940-1942
  • Greece 1940-1941
  • Mediterranean 1940-1941
  • Ceylon April 1942
  • Arakan 1944
  • Burma 1944-1945

Recognition of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (not emblazoned)


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