34 Squadron RAF Regiment, based at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire since 1 April 1996, is commanded by No 2 Counter-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Wing, part of Combat Readiness Force, a constituent element of Global Enablement.

The Squadron comprises of nearly 170 personnel including Mechanics, Drivers, Chefs, Paramedics and Logisticians. It will continue to provide support for RAF operations at home and overseas.

Fire from iron



Formerly an armoured vehicle squadron, 34 Squadron now specialises in C-UAS capability.

In addition, the Squadron remains a dismounted close combat and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) trained unit within the RAF Regiment. I

n an age of rapid technological advancement, 34 Squadron finds itself at the forefront of shaping the future of warfare against uncrewed aerial threats.


1951  Formation of 34 Squadron - formed on 19 November 1951 at RAF Yatesbury under command of Squadron Leader Mark Hobden.

1963  Greek and Turkish hostilities - following a move to Cyprus in 1956, 34 Squadron worked vigilantly to de-escalate tensions between Greece and Turkey in a tripartite effort following escalations on the Island.

1974  Turkish invasion of Cyprus - Turkey invaded Cyprus following the recent appointment of Nikos Sampson as the president. 34 Squadron provided security and defence to RAF Akrotiri and assisted in the evacuation of UK civilians.

1990  Gulf War - Operation Granby was the name given to British military operations during the Gulf War. 34 Squadron supported the operation with deployments in the Middle East.

1999  Kosovo - 34 Squadron deployed twice in support of Operation Agricola. Most notably, the first deployment involved attachment to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia to provide Force Protection (FP) for the Support Helicopter Force near the Kosovo/Macedonia border.

2003 - 2007  Operations in Iraq - during the Iraq War era 34 Squadron deployed on Operation Telic multiple times.

2001 - 2014  Operations in Afghanistan - 34 Squadron deployed multiple times in support of operations on Operation Herrick.

2017 - Current  Operation Shader - Since April 2017, 34 Squadron has had personnel deployed in the ongoing coalition effort against Daesh.


2003 - 2011*   Iraq

2001 - 2014  Afghanistan

*Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard