5 RAF Police (ISTAR) Squadron falls under the Air Security Force and is based at RAF Waddington.  They support the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Force Headquarters and command the RAF Police Flight.

RAF Police embedded within the ISTAR Force Headquarters enhance the delivery of Counter Intelligence, Protective Security and Law Enforcement outputs to protect and secure RAF assets, information and personnel at home and abroad.

Using an integrated blend of RAF Police, Military Provost Guard Service and Civil Servants, 5 RAF Police (ISTAR) Squadron also provides security and policing.

RAF Police Military Working Dogs are stationed at RAF Waddington.  RAF Police and Military Working Dog Teams can deploy across the UK and Overseas to protect the RAF and its assets.

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Formerly known as 5 RAF Police and Security Squadron and was responsible for Policing, Security and Guarding of all RAF Units in the East Midlands.