502 Squadron RAuxAF

Provides trained personnel to work in support of RAF operations in the UK and worldwide.

I Fear Nothing


502 (Ulster) Squadron reformed at Aldergrove Flying Station in 2013 as part of the RAF Reserves’ growth, eighty-eight years after its original formation. It's mission is to provide a range of fully trained personnel to support worldwide commitments. The Squadron provides opportunities for applicants from many backgrounds – whether direct entrants with no previous military experience, ex-Regular personnel (from any Service), and those with skills directly transferable from civilian life. 502 Squadron RAUXAF recruits throughout Northern Ireland.


1925   502 Squadron was formed as a heavy bomber special reserve unit, combining regular personnel and reservists, flying Vickers Vimys.

1937   The Squadron joined the newly formed Auxiliary Air Force in July.

1938   Transferred to Coastal Command. On the outbreak of war, it began patrols off the Irish coast.

1941   Made the first successful attack on a U-boat by a Coastal Command aircraft using airborne radar.

1957   Stood down.

2013 - The Squadron stood up again as a RAuxAF Squadron

Battle honours

1939–1944   Atlantic

1941–1944   Biscay

1942–1945   Channel & North Sea

1942   Dieppe

1944–1945   The Baltic


502 Squadron Aldergrove, Crumlin, Co Antrim, BFPO 808

For recruitment enquiries, please phone: 0345 606 9069