502 Squadron RAuxAF

Provides trained personnel to work in support of RAF operations in the UK and worldwide.

I Fear Nothing


  • 502 (Ulster) Squadron reformed at Aldergrove Flying Station in 2013 as part of the RAF Reserves’ growth, eighty-eight years after its original formation
  • Mission to provide a range of fully trained personnel to support worldwide commitments
  • Provides opportunities for applicants from many backgrounds – whether direct entrants with no previous military experience, ex-Regular personnel (from any Service), and those with skills directly transferable from civilian life
  • Recruits throughout Northern Ireland


1925 - 502 Squadron was formed as a heavy bomber special reserve unit, combining regular personnel and reservists, flying Vickers Vimys

1937 - The Squadron joined the newly formed Auxiliary Air Force in July

1938 - Transferred to Coastal Command. On the outbreak of war, it began patrols off the Irish coast.

1941 - Made the first successful attack on a U-boat by a Coastal Command aircraft using airborne radar

1957 - Stood down

2013 - The Squadron stood up again as a RAuxAF Squadron

Battle honours

Atlantic 1939–44

Biscay 1941–44

Channel & North Sea 1942–45

Dieppe 1942 and The Baltic 1944–45.


502 Squadron Aldergrove, Crumlin, Co Antrim, BFPO 808

For recruitment enquiries, please phone: 0345 606 9069