6 RAF Police (Lightning) Squadron falls under the Air Security Force and is based at RAF Marham. They support the F-35B Lightning multi-role aircraft and are responsible for providing and assuring a controlled operating environment for the Lightning both at RAF Marham and on overseas operations and exercises.

Formally known as 6 RAF Police & Security Squadron, the Squadron was responsible for providing Policing, Security and Guarding for all middle-England RAF Units from the Coast of Norfolk to the Welsh Border.  

Through adversity to justice



The Squadron Headquarters provides specialist Security, Force Protection and Law Enforcement advice, tailored to Lightning operations, to both the Combat Air Force Commander and RAF Marham Station Commander.

RAF Police personnel, Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) Soldiers and Civil Servants of the RAF Police & Security Flight and MPGS Defence Platoon secure RAF Marham through a blended mix of Protective Security, Military Working Dogs, Law Enforcement, Ground Defence, Guarding and Vetting,

The Civil Servants, Communications Specialists and RAF Police personnel of the System Security Team and the Capability Security Flight protect and secure the battle winning technology of the Lightning 5th Generation Combat Air System.