601 Squadron RAuxAF

Providing specialist support to the Air Staff.


  • Stood up in 2017 to provide specialist industry and business support to the Air Staff
  • Previous aircraft include the Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire and DeHavilland Vampire
  • Was famously known as 'The Millionaires Squadron' for its members' lavish lifestyle in the 1930s
  • Was the former squadron of Roger Bushell, the Olympic skier and Great Escaper


1925 - Formed as a light bomber squadron at RAF Northolt.

1940 - Flew Hawker Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.

1946 - Squadron reformed flying the Vampire jet fighter.

1957 - Disbanded as a flying squadron.

Battle honours

France & Low Countries, 1940*


Battle of Britain, 1940*

Home Defence, 1940–42

Fortress Europe, 1941–42

Malta, 1942

Egypt & Libya, 1942*

El Alamein*

El Hamma

North Africa, 1943*

Sicily, 1943*

Italy, 1943–45*

Anzio & Nettuno

Gustav Line

Gothic Line

Honours marked with an asterisk* are those that are emblazoned on the Squadron Standard


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