601 Squadron RAuxAF

Providing specialist support to the Air Staff.


601 Squadron Stood up in 2017 to provide specialist industry and business support to the Air Staff. Previous aircraft include the Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire and DeHavilland Vampire. The Squadron was famously known as 'The Millionaires Squadron' for its members' lavish lifestyle in the 1930s and was the former squadron of Roger Bushell, the Olympic skier and Great Escaper.


1925   Formed as a light bomber squadron at RAF Northolt.

1940   Flew Hawker Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.

1946   Squadron reformed flying the Vampire jet fighter.

1957   Disbanded as a flying squadron.

Battle honours

1940*   France & Low Countries


1940*   Battle of Britain

1940–1942   Home Defence

1941–1942   Fortress Europe

1942   Malta

1942*   Egypt & Libya

El Alamein*

El Hamma

1943*   North Africa

1943*   Sicily

1943–1945*   Italy

Anzio & Nettuno

Gustav Line

Gothic Line

Honours marked with an asterisk* are those that are emblazoned on the Squadron Standard


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