Based in Glasgow, the Squadron's main focus is support to Air Operations, Air Battle Management, and Intelligence. 602 Squadron recruits those with no previous military experience, skilled entrants with directly transferable skills, and ex-regulars from any service.

Roles available include Flight Operations Assistant, Intelligence Analyst, Aerospace Systems Operator, Cyberspace Communication Specialist, Logistics Chef, and Logistics Driver. The Squadron recruits in Scotland and the North East of England.

Beware the crossed lion


1925   Formed at Renfrew.

1933   Performed the first flight over Mount Everest.

1939   Credited with shooting down the first enemy aircraft over the UK during World War Two.

1957   Disbanded as a flying Squadron.

2006   Reformed in Glasgow.  Currently operating as a General Support Squadron.


1940 - 1945*   Home Defence

1940*   Battle of Britain

1940 - 1944*   Fortress Europe

1940 - 1943*   Channel and North Sea

1942*   Dieppe

1944 - 1945*   France and Germany 

1944*   Normandy

*Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard

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