609 Squadron falls under 2 Force Protection Wing.  Based at RAF Leeming, it is a RAF Reserve Combined Force Protection Squadron offering RAF Police and RAF Regiment roles, and mobilisation opportunities in the UK and overseas.

They train and operate in ground-based security roles and require a minimum commitment of 27 days (paid) per year which results in an annual tax-free lump sum ‘bounty’ payment.

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1936   Formed at Yeadon as a bomber squadron and converted to fighters in 1938.

1939 - 1945   The unit was the first Spitfire squadron to achieve 100 air-to-air ‘kills’ in World War Two.  The Squadron also pioneered the use of the Hawker Typhoon in the ground-attack role.

1945 - 1957   After the war, 609 Squadron converted to the Gloster Meteor jet fighter, until it was disbanded in 1957.

1998   The Air Defence Support Squadron was formed, a multi-traded reserve unit in the Air Defence Role to support the Tornado F3 Wing based at RAF Leeming.

1999   The Air Defence Support Squadron became an Operational Support Squadron and was granted the number 609.


1940   Dunkirk

1940   Battle of Britain

1940   France and Low Countries

1940 - 1944   Fortress Europe

1940 - 1944   Dieppe

1944   Normandy

1944 - 1945   France and Germany

1944 - 1945   Walcheren

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