7 Squadron

Providing rapid mobility world-wide in support of the RAF on operations.

"By day and by night"


7 Squadron is based at RAF Odiham, home of the UK Chinook force. They are the last RFC unit to stand up before WWI. Aircraft flown by the Squadron include the Lancaster, Valiant and the Canberra and they fly the latest Chinook HC6 variant.



1914   Formed at Farnborough.

1941   The first RAF unit to operate four-engined bombers in WWII.

2000   Took part in operations in Sierra Leone.


Battle honours

1915-1918   Western Front

1915   Ypres

1916   Loos, Somme

1917   Ypres

1941-1944   Fortress Europe

1941-1944   Biscay Ports

1942-1945   Ruhr

1942-1945   German Ports

1943-1945   Berlin

1944-1945   France and Germany

1944   Normandy

1944   Rhine

1944   Kosovo

2000  Sierra Leone

2003-2011*   Iraq

2001-2014   Afghanistan

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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