7010 Squadron RAuxAF

Reserve Imagery Analysts supporting RAF intelligence units in the UK and on operations overseas.

When summoned we shall be there


  • 7010 Squadron is headquarter at RAF Waddington, with personnel serving and providing intelligence support at RAF Wyton.
  • The squadron provides imagery analysts to support the RAF intelligence community.
  • It is one of the RAF's longest continuously serving reserve units.
  • Works as part of the Intelligence Reserves Wing.


1953 - Formed as 7010 flight providing strategic imagery analysis.

1965 - The Squadron's role expanded to include tactical reconnaissance interpretation.

1982 - First issued a crest.

1992- The Squadron first deployed overseas.

Battle honours

7010 Squadron does not have any Battle Honours at this time. 


7010 Squadron, RAF Waddington, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN5 9NB

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