II (AC) Squadron

Part of Quick Reaction Alert (North), securing the skies in the RAF's mission to defend UK airspace.

Guardian of the Army

Three concentric circles and a Wake Knot - approved by HM King Edward VIII in May 1936. The circles represent the RAF and the Wake Knot is derived from the arms of Hereward the Wake and indicates the basic role of the unit as a guardian of the Army.


  • Based at RAF Lossiemouth, one of two Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) stations in the UK
  • One of the first fixed-wing units of the Royal Flying Corps
  • Aircraft flown have included the Spitfire XI, Phantom FGR2 and the Tornado GR1A
  • II (AC) Squadron have conducted QRA missions from Estonia as part of NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission


1912 - Formed at Farnborough under the Royal Flying Corps.

1913 - Relocated to Montrose Air Station, Scotland.

1915 - Lt Rhodes-Moorhouse was the first airman to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

1916 - Squadron's aircraft first painted with black triangles to act as a means of identification for friendly ground forces. This was then adopted as the Squadron's symbol and is used to this day.

1931 - Squadron badge of the 'Hereward Knot' is officially approved.

1944 - Brought back the first aerial photographs of the D-Day Landings.

1946 - Squadron moves to RAF Wunsdorf, remaining in Germany for many years.

1980 - II(AC) Squadron participates for the first time in Exercise Red Flag in the United States.

1989 - Re-equipped with the Panavia Tornado GR1A

1990 - Deployments as part of Operation Desert Shield

1991 - After 47 years at Stations around Germany, II(AC) moves from RAF Laarbruch to RAF Marham.

1999 - II(AC) Squadron enforces no fly zones in Iraq. The Squadron drops air to surface munitions for the first time in 54 years.

2003 - Deployment to Gulf Theatre of Operations as part of Op Telic.

2009 - Deployment to Afghanistan as part of Op Herrick.

2014 - Deployed with three Tornados to Chad as part of Op Turus, searching for the missing Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

2015 - Another deployment to Afghanistan as part of Op Herrick

2015 - Move from RAF Marham flying Tornado to RAF Lossiemouth flying Typhoon, marking the 23rd aircraft type in the Squadron's 104 years.

2016 - Deployments to the Far East for exercises with South Korea and Japan. 

2019 - II(AC) Squadron awarded the Freedom of Angus, celebrating the heritage of the Squadron being the first flying unit to be based at Montrose Air Station under the Royal Flying Corps.

2019 - Deployments to RAF Akrotiri as part of Op Shader, and Malaysia for Exercise Bersama Lima. 

Battle honours

Western Front 1914-18*

Mons; Neuve Chapelle*

Ypres 1915*


Somme 1916*


Somme 1918


France and the Low Countries 1939-1940*


Fortress Europe

Normandy 1944*




France and Germany 1944-1945

Gulf 1991*

Iraq 2003*

Libya 2011*

(Battle Honours marked * are emblazoned on the Sqn Standard)


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