LXX Squadron

Providing strategic air transport worldwide.



LXX Squadron is based at RAF Brize Norton, home of the RAF's transport and air-to-air refueling capability. The Squadron had the first British fighter equipped with a machine gun synchronised to fire through the propeller. Aircraft flown have included the Camel, Liberator VI, Dakota and the Hercules. Provided vital support to the UK relief effort in the Caribbean after hurricane Irma.


1916   Formed at Farnborough.

1928   Took part in the world's first large-scale airborne evacuation from Kabul.

1956   Dropped parachute troops in to Port Said during the Suez Crisis.

2010   The Hercules squadron disbanded while awaiting for Atlas (A400M).

Battle honours

1916-1918*   Western Front

1916*   Somme 

1917   Arras, Ypres

1918   Somme

1922-1924   Kurdistan

1918-1929   Iraq 

1930-1931   Kurdistan 

1932   Northern Kurdistan 

1937   North West Frontier

1940-1943   Mediterranean 

1940-1943*   Egypt and Libya 

1940-1941   Greece 

1941   Syria 

1941*   Iraq 

1942-1943*   El Alamein, North Africa 

1943   El Hamma, Sicily

1943-1945*   Italy 


Anzio and Nettuno

Gustav Line

Gothic Line

1944-1945*   South East Europe 

1982   South Atlantic

1991   Gulf

2003-2011   Iraq 

Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard.


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