RAF Mountain Rescue Service falls under 85 Expeditionary Logistics Wing. Founded by Flight Lieutenant (later Squadron Leader) George Graham in 1943 and grown by volunteers since, each RAF Mountain Rescue Team is managed by permanent staff and part time volunteers from across all three Services.

RAF MRS Headquarters is based at RAF Valley which commands and allocates taskings across the teams at RAF LeemingRAF Lossiemouth and RAF Valley.

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Mission Statement

To generate and sustain a world-class high-readiness incident response for Search and Rescue and Aircraft Post Crash Management operations. Capable of self-sustaining all-weather deployment to all regions within the UK and globally in support of MOD aviation and resilience operations.




The three teams are ready for instant deployment across the UK at any time, every day of the year to carry out their primary roles of Aircraft Post Crash and Incident Management and Search And Rescue (SAR) of Military Personnel, as well as secondary and tertiary roles including SAR, Military Aid to Civilian Authorities and have, in the past been asked to assist civilian aircraft crash management.


1943  Service founded by Flight Lieutenant George Graham, following a wartime necessity to save the lives of downed aircrew in the mountainous regions of the UK.

1951  Notable call-out to RAF Kinloss that significantly shaped MRT training and courses.

2001   Chief Technician Dan Carroll and Corporal Rusty Bale complete an Everest Expedition

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