XI (Fighter) Squadron

Securing the skies and providing superior air defence at home and on operations.

"Swifter and keener than eagles"


XI (F) Squadron is based at RAF Coningsby, one of two Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) stations in the UK. It is the world's oldest, dedicated fighter unit. Aircraft flown by the Squadron include Bristol Scout, Hurricane II, Lightning F6 and Tornado F3. XI (F) Squadron policed the no-fly zone over Libya during Operation Ellamy.


1915   Formed at Netheravon.

1952   First unit to operate the Venom FB1.

1988   Together with No V (AC) Squadron they became the last squadron to operate the Lightning aircraft.

2007   Stood up as a multi-role Typhoon squadron.

Battle honours

1915-1918*   Western Front

1915-1918*   Loos

1916   Somme

1916   Arras

1917*   Cambrai

1918*   Somme

1918*   Amiens

1918*   Hindenburg Line

1930-1931   North-West Frontier

1935-1939   North-West Frontier

1940   East Africa

1940-1942*   Egypt and Libya

1941   Greece

1941   Syria

1942   Ceylon April

1943-1944*   Arakan

1943-1944*   North Burma

1944   Manipur

1944-1945*   Burma

2011   Libya

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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