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Ex HOOKERS SWORD is an annual exercise that tests the basic soldiering skills of the Army and RAF personnel of the Joint Helicopter Support Squadron (JHSS). It is vital that these are maintained alongside their skills as helicopter-handling specialists when part of a Mobile Air Operations Team.

The exercise was a full week of practising delivering orders, patrolling and engaging with simulated enemy forces.  It also included running through Battle Casualty Drills, using professional actors to simulate some very realistic injury scenarios.

Air support was provided by a Puma helicopter from Benson which moved troops around the training area, giving some much valued flying experience; the first helicopter flight for many of the team.

JHSS is a unique, challenging and diverse squadron made up of 60% British Army and 40% RAF personnel. Equipped with the latest vehicles, the Squadron maintains a constant state of readiness for war or peacetime operations and exercises.  JHSS is an integral part of Joint Helicopter Command and is used in a variety of roles, including providing aid after natural disasters and delivering mission critical support on operations.

JHSS is deployed all over the world on both exercises and operations training with the support helicopters, using their specialist under-slung load capability to get vital kit and equipment quickly and safely to where it is needed most.

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