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The Most Recent Hercules Led Exercise Tartan Spirit has Concluded

The most recent Hercules led Exercise Tartan Spirit has concluded. This special exercise saw the unprecedented participation from each Air Mobility Fleet type based out of RAF Brize Norton, most notably the A400M.

Absorbing knowledge from the well-established Hercules fleet, the A400M will ensure that the Air Mobility Force remains ready to respond globally where required.

XXIV Squadron thrives on preparing crews for operational challenges. This Ex Tartan Spirit, traditionally a C-130 Operational Conversion course week, has been massively upscaled to involve far wider participation. We aim to give another boost to A400M Tactical development and work with our 2 Group partners to practice our agility in establishing and operating from a temporary, functional, airfield in an austere location.”

Wing Commander Andy McIntyre
Officer Commanding XXIV Squadron

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