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12 Squadron returns home from the longest deployment of UK Typhoons


Families haveĀ been able to reunite this week as 12 Squadron arrives home from deployment.
Families have been able to reunite this week as 12 Squadron arrives home from deployment.


Watch the arrival captured by Forces News here:


"12 Squadron return home to RAF Coningsby after a long, challenging, and immensely rewarding deployment. As the capstone project in the Qatar Typhoon Programme that saw the RAF found its first Joint Sqn since the Second World War, the obvious highlight was the unique privilege of flying alongside the Qatar Emiri Air Force to provide armed air security over the FIFA World Cup 22.

12 Squadron Typhoons had the honour of being the last to land following the final whistle and, more significantly for us here at 12 Sqn, was watching QEAF Typhoons operated and maintained by QEAF pilots and engineers, all of whom have been trained here in the last few years, be the first jets airborne over the first game.

Alongside their BAE partners, the QEAF Typhoon Wing is off to a flying start and everyone on 12 Squadron should rightly be proud of the part they have played in this, which has been completed either side of World Cup 22 under Project THARIYAT and latterly during Ex MAGIC CARPET in Oman where we spent the final month of our time in the Middle East." -OC 12 Wg Cdr Chris Wright





"Every deployment brings its challenges and this, the longest single deployment conducted by UK Typhoon, has been no different. The resolve and sheer hard work by so many people from 12 Sqn, from RAF Coningsby, and from all of our supporting elements from across the RAF in often demanding conditions has brought success on every objective and I am immensely proud of this fabulous team. It is now time for a well-earned rest with families and friends, without whose steadfast support this deployment simply would not have happened." - OC 12 Wg Cdr Chris Wright



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