RAF Honington in Suffolk is the home of RAF Force Protection who are responsible for protecting the RAF at home and abroad.

The Station hosts initial and further training for the RAF Regiment and specialist training for the RAF's entire Force Protection capability.

RAF Honington is home to three front-line RAF Regiment field squadrons and several operational and specialist units, including a specialist RAF Police Wing, and an RAF Regiment unit with responsibility for countering threats from chemical, biological and radiological hazards.

Over 1,500 Service personnel, civil servants and contractors work at RAF Honington.


Group Captain Piers 'Dutch' Holland MBE MA RAF

Group Captain Holland took command of RAF Honington on 22 January 2021.

Who's based here


  • 1937 - Station founded.
  • 1942 - Station handed over to the United States 8th Army Air Force and the Advanced Air Depot.
  • 1946 - Station returned to the RAF.
  • 1994 - Station became the Home of the RAF Regiment.


RAF Honington was opened on 3 May 1937 and was one of six operational airfields within No 3 Group Bomber Command.

Numerous aircraft types and squadrons were based at RAF Honington during the period 1937 to 1946 when it became the last American wartime base to be returned to the RAF.

Between 1946 and 1950 Transport Command Units were based at RAF Honington and played a vital part in the Berlin Airlift by maintaining the transport aircraft which flew in and out of the City.

In 1955 the station returned to its operational flying role with the arrival of Canberras and, for a short time, Shackletons.

In 1969 Honington became home to the Buccaneer which left the station in 1984.

The Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit formed at Honington in 1981 alongside No lX Squadron, before the Squadron departed for Germany in 1986.

In 1994 the Station was fully handed over to the RAF Regiment and all training elements of the RAF Regiment moved from RAF Catterick to Honington.

In 2015, No 3 Police Wing moved to RAF Honington from RAF Henlow, providing tactical policing and specialist security support to enable RAF and defence commanders to deliver military capability at the home base and throughout the full spectrum of conflict.

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