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Jacob the Pilot meets team RAF Honington

Jacob running with RAF personnel.

We had the pleasure of hosting special guest Jacob the Pilot at the home of RAF Force Protection here at RAF Honington on Thursday 24th February 2022.

Jacob crawling under obstacle course.

"We are delighted to welcome Jacob here to RAF Honington today. At the home of RAF Force Protection, the RAF Regiment and the RAF Police, we value determination, courage and selflessness in the face of adversity above all else, and Jacob demonstrates these qualities every day. We’ll provide him a fun day of new experiences to stretch and challenge this most impressive of young men!"

Group Captain Dutch Holland
Station Commander

Jacob with RAF personnel.

As he plans his latest fundraising venture for both the RAF Benevolent Fund and St Gemma’s Hospice, Team Honington put Jacob (8) through his paces in preparation for his arduous challenges ahead. Jacob likes an assault course and we thought it was only fair to show him the best one in the Royal Air Force; the RAF Regiment Assault Course, of course.

Jacob performs lunges with RAF personnel.

Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Corporal Bovington shouted the orders and kept a watchful eye on Jacob as he took on the smaller obstacles of the course and shouted ‘Clear!’ after completion of each one, with a little help from some fellow RAF Regiment Gunners occasionally.  In Jacob’s own words he, ‘smashed it!’

"I really enjoyed my visit and had a brilliant day, the PTIs were a bit scary!  My favourite bit of the day was the Assault Course, especially the high wall; I loved jumping off of it!"


Jacob also got to sample the Virtual Reality training as is currently being trialled at both the RAF Regiment Training Wing and Force Protection Centre here at RAF Honington.  Lunch was ‘rationed’ as Jacob tried the many delicacies of the ration pack.  He also met a few of the armoured vehicles used by the RAF Regiment including one that was much nearer to his size.  To finish the day Jacob got to meet the Paramotor Club as they demonstrated a rather different way of flying in the Royal Air Force.

Jacob prepares to jump.

In May, Jacob will take on his 25km Dunkirk challenge as he continues to raise vital funds for his chosen charities. 

"Jacob has been fundraising on our behalf since 2019 and it’s heart-warming that his passion for all things RAF remains sky-high three years on. Later this year, Jacob will be completing a 25km walk to Dunkirk in aid of the Fund and St Gemma’s Hospice, so it’s wonderful to see the serving community here at RAF Honington sharing his enthusiasm."

Lisa Hunt
Regional Fundraiser, RAF Benevolent Fund

Jacob does press up with RAF personnel.

We look forward to seeing Jacob again perhaps when he joins as a new recruit.  Only question is, have we changed his mind on which career path to take in the RAF… Pilot? Or Gunner?!

Jacob leaps across obstacle course with RAF personnel.

Read more about the role of an RAF Pilot or an RAF Regiment Gunner here.

Jacob wears virtual reality headset.

Or see what Phase I of Basic Training looks like.

Jacob has his hat tightened by personnel

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