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Junior Regiment Officers Graduation Course Number 126

Junior Regiment Officers Graduation Course Number 126
Junior Regiment Officers Graduation Course Number 126 (click to enlarge)

FOLLOWING 26 weeks of significant effort and achievement, the 18 successful graduates of Junior Regiment Officers Course No 126 are now qualified to serve in the Royal Air Force Regiment and celebrated their graduation here at RAF Honington on Thursday 16th December 2021.

Reviewing Officer Group Captain Jason Sutton, Deputy to Commandant General RAF Regiment said:

It was a privilege and a pleasure today to welcome, on behalf of Commandant General RAF Regiment, eighteen new officers into the Corps. They have completed a most demanding course, during which they were tested to their physical and mental limits, and so deserve to wear with pride their Regiment shoulder flashes. It was also a pleasure to welcome their families, whose unwavering support will have been a crucial element in their success. Per Ardua. 

The graduates include one German, one Norwegian and one US exchange officer who provide coordination for the bilateral relationship to inform Commanders of future developments across both Services.

Several of the further 15 new Officers are graduating for the second time after choosing to take their Commission whilst already working as a Gunner in the RAF Regiment or member of the RAF Police.

Over the last 6 months they have all overcome considerable physical and mental challenges under the close supervision of the professionally trained staff of the RAF Regiment Training Wing, RAF Honington.  In doing so they have earned their place amongst the commissioned ranks of the very proud and distinguished Corps.

As RAF Regiment Officers they will specialise in ground combat tactics, weaponry and field craft. They will lead and direct the RAF Regiment Squadrons that protect RAF bases and forward operating bases.

Further Congratulations go to the Prize Winners:

The Vaux Trophy:  Fg Off Downs-Wheeler

The Vaux Trophy is awarded to the JROC student who, in the opinion of the instructors, has displayed the most outstanding development and character throughout the course.

The Kapuscinski Sword:  Fg Off Elliott

This standard pattern RAF sword was commissioned and presented at a Service of Dedication on 20 December 1984 by fellow students in memory of Flying Officer Stephen Phillip Andrew Kapuscinski. Flying Officer Kapuscinski was a student on JROC 1/84, who died of injuries received in a road traffic accident during training on 28 September 1984.

The Kapuscinski sword is awarded by the Commandant General of the RAF Regiment to the student who, during the JROC, has demonstrated outstanding ability in leadership and shows the greatest potential.

The Barratt Sword: Fg Off Moore  

The Barratt Sword is a Cavalry Officer’s Sabre bearing a RAF Sword knot. The sword was presented to the RAF Regiment by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Barratt and was initially awarded at the Officer Cadet Training Unit at the RAF Regiment Depot as the sword of honour until 1948.

The Barratt sword is awarded alongside the RAF Regiment Dinner Club book prize to the student who has displayed the highest levels of proficiency and character in all aspects of the Junior Regiment Officers’ Course.

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