Low flying

Hawk and Tutor aircraft usually fly Monday to Thursday, 8am to 6pm, and Friday 8am to 5pm. 

If you have any concerns regarding low flying then please contact the Duty Operations Controller:

Phone: 01677 458139

Drone Flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators.

Night flying

Night flying can take place until 10:59pm during military operations and to train aircrew.

From 1 May to 31 August it can be extended until 11:59pm.

Viewing area

You can safely watch aircraft from the viewing area at Roman Road, Leeming, DL7 9SN.

There is a free public car park. 

Defence Aerodrome Manual

The Defence Aerodrome Manual (DAM) contains accurate aerodrome data for RAF Leeming.  All airfield users, both military and civilian, are to ensure they are familiar with the relevant sections of the DAM prior to operating at RAF Leeming.  If you require a copy of the DAM, please contact Station Operations on 01677 457749 who will assist.

Get updates about flying

RAF Leeming hosts a variety of multi-national exercises throughout the year.

During these times there may be a variation in the published hours. 

Variations in the published flying hours will be notified on the RAF Leeming Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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