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Lossiemouth Co-Responders Ready for Action

The Lossiemouth Co-Responders received their brand-new vehicle this week as they prepare to respond to emergencies across Moray on behalf of the Scottish Ambulance Service.

The Co-Responder team made up of Service and Ex-Service personnel were joined at RAF Lossiemouth, where the Co-Responders will be based, by the Scottish Ambulance Service and vehicles and personnel from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance and Wildcat Cardiac Responders.

The vehicle, kindly donated by Gillanders Motors, Aberdeen, will allow the team to respond to 999 or 111 calls with the first shift slated for 23 rd January. The team had been scouring the region for options to source a vehicle with no success. That’s when Gillanders stepped in to help the Lossiemouth Co-Repsonders provide the vital service for the local community.

Flight Lieutenant Michael Cooper of RAF Lossiemouth’s 201 Squadron and Team Leader of the Lossiemouth Co-Responders said:

“The support we have received from the community has been incredible. Firstly, from RAF Lossiemouth
providing our base to operate from and then from Gillanders Motors providing the vehicle. Without this
support we would simply not be able to operate.”

Flight Lieutenant Cooper

Flight Lieutenant Cooper continued:

“The team now have all the tools they need and plan to complete our
first shift in support of Scottish Ambulance Service on the 23 rd of January. In a rurual location such as
Moray, this service can get people treatment sooner in cases where those extra minutes can make the
difference between life and death.”

Flight Lieutenant Cooper

The new vehicle was presented to the Co-Responders team alongside vehicles from the Scottish Ambulance Service, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance and Wildcat Cardiac Responders. Taken in the aircraft hangar of II(AC) Sqn complete with a Typhoon Jet as the back drop, the Co-Responders team were joined by Wing Commander Rachel Sullivan, Officer in Command of Base Support Wing at RAF Lossiemouth.

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