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RAF Lossiemouth Families & Friends Day 2022 - Information

RAF Lossiemouth will be holding our annual Families and Friends Day on Wednesday 20th July. This event is our single annual opportunity for all our Station personnel to enjoy a relaxed day with their families. This is especially important this year as we are committed to continuous operations and exercises overseas, with many families separated for several months, as well as providing Quick Reaction Alert 24/7/365 from Moray.

For this year’s event we have been lucky enough to secure a variety of flying displays, taking place between 12:00 and 16:00. The programme will take place over RAF Lossiemouth, creating the designated display area shown by the red box in the image below:

Members of the public are not able to access our Families and Friends Day however we are advising anyone visiting specifically to see the aircraft displays to view them from the public beaches to the north of the airfield or to patronise local cafes and restaurants.

There will also be waiting restrictions and road closures around the Station, as shown below:

More information on the road closures can be found here: http://moray.gov.uk/moray_index/index_113891.html

Aircraft operating within the display box are bound by the regulations set out by the Military and Civilian Aviation Authorities. With the exception of the Red Arrows who have special dispensation, display aircraft will not plan to overfly occupied structures at less than 500ft.

All at RAF Lossiemouth want to assure the community, as with all our activities, safety is our primary consideration. Our experienced Display Director has carried out the appropriate risk assessments required by the Military and Civil Aviation Authorities for the flying displays.

We appreciate, and apologise for, the disturbance this event may cause, but we hope you are able to enjoy the free flying displays. And on behalf of the Station Commander thank you for your forbearance during the road closure period.

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