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RAF Northolt.


Image shows RAF Police placing numbered markers in a car park and recording it on a tablet device.
This staged scenario shows RAF Police using mobile technology to collect forensic evidence in Crime Scene Investigation.

RAF Police are responsible for a wide variety of security and policing matters, in the UK and overseas. 


Project BLUEPRINT aims to enable the RAF Police Force to be paperless. It uses an application on a portable secure device to aid our security specialists in monitoring, investigating and recording security matters.

Image shows RAF Police with a military working dog, viewing a chart on their tablet device.
This staged scenario shows RAF Police using mobile technology with their military working dogs.

The application effectively hosts a database of every element of RAF Police knowledge, which is stored in a logical and easily accessible manner.  Its diverse content allows access to electronic versions of every document and aide memoir that could be required, which enables our security experts to respond rapidly to any situation. The policy, process and documents they need are literally at their fingertips.

Image shows two looking at a tablet device on the table.
This staged scenario shows the Special Investigations Branch using mobile technology while conducting interviews.

A small trial has been successfully completed and the project is now being considered for wider roll-out to all RAF Police as part of their routine business. As the platform provides visual demonstrations and controls information flow at a tactical level, as well as enabling digital signatures, other potential uses are also being considered to help increase efficiencies across the RAF.



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