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RAF Leeming.

Project SPHINX

Image shows aviator holding rifle and wearing Virtual Reality headset.

Project SPHINX aims to create a Virtual Reality command and control system. 


It intends to enable complex multi-domain and multi-dimensional operating environments to be visualised, which will enhance tactical planning.

This enhanced tactical planning using Virtual Reality with real world data is expected to improve situational awareness and decision-making in Defence operations. It enables users to navigate using GPS and geo-spatial map data that is overlaid with real-time situational awareness of ongoing events.

Image shows digital screenshot of Typhoons on the airfield, in a Virtual Reality simulation
Typhoons on the airfield can be seen in the Virtual Reality simulation.

Alongside this, Project SPHINX aims to integrate a Virtual Reality-based training platform to support training at Defence Intelligence training establishments.  This would enable trainees to visualise themselves within the operating environment; something they would normally be learning about through traditional means such as PowerPpoint presentations.

Image shows digital screenshot of vehicles driving in a line on a road, in a Virtual Reality simulation
Vehicles in transit are also reacted digitally in the Virtual Reality simulation.

A demonstrator is currently being built with industry partner Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence. Once built, there is potential for Project SPHINX to be combined with other Astra/Defence/Industry initiatives to support enhanced training and decision-making across all operating environments.



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