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RAF Brize Norton.

Project TANKER

Image shows close up of air-to-air refuelling pipe equipment.
Air-to-air refuelling equipment.

Project TANKER is an application that monitors all fuel within the aircraft, including latent fuel, to aid enhanced fuel efficiency and planning in support of air-to-air refuelling requirements.


Created with the support of Astra APPIVATE, the RAF's bespoke software and mobile application development team, the application automates the Minimum Give and Burn calculation, which is generally used by aircrew.

Image shows tables and statistics on a mobile phone device.
The new application in use during the trial.

The use of an application reduces the potential for human error, increases flight safety, enhances situational awareness, and reduces fuel wastage by providing accurate data for fuel tracking. This in turn can aid sustainability and support the RAF in its target of Net Zero 2040.

Image shows two Typhoons refuelling a Voyager.
Air-to-air refuelling in action.

The trial is in progress at RAF Brize Norton.



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