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For details regarding individual RAF Stations and their Chaplains please contact the HQ Chaplaincy Services Admin Support for further information:

Tel: 01494 497539

Pastoral Care

As an RAF Chaplain, you are uniquely able to make contact with people at the heart of their working lives.

In addition to the normal occupations for ordained people - the conduct of worship, baptisms, marriages and funerals - you also play an integral part in the community support system that exists within the RAF.

You'll be with people both in joy and sorrow, wherever they are in the world. You'll help people think through the issues that confront them - on operations, at home and during their normal working lives.


Royal Air Force chaplaincy presents a life and ministry which demands much of you and your ministerial skills as pastor, worship leader, educator and military professional, whilst rewarding you and your family with a high quality of life, experience and opportunity.

Today's RAF is an expeditionary force, capable of projecting air power worldwide. RAF chaplains are part of a long and noble tradition of Christian ministers and priests in the military going back hundreds of years and our job is to look after the people serving in these differing places.

Beckett House

Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre.

Beckett House is the Tri-service Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre. Set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, it provides much of the Chaplains ongoing training and a variety of courses for serving personnel.

For the Armed Forces’ Chaplaincy Centre please contact the RAF Director at Beckett House:

Revd Dr (Wing Commander) David Richardson  [email protected]

St Clement Danes Church

St Clement Danes Church is the Central Church of the Royal Air Force. Re-consecrated in 1958 as a perpetual shrine of remembrance to those who have died in service in the RAF it is a living church prayed in and visited throughout the year by thousands of people seeking solace and reflection.

Located right in the middle of London, St Clement Danes has some characteristics that set it apart from normal parish churches. This includes a grade 1 listed status, a large number of visitors, professional musicians and many high profile services.


Whatever your faith or belief background, chaplains are here to support you when you need us. Trained in pastoral care, we will walk with you when life is tough.

Serving Families

Our support is for families too, both in the joyful life events as well as the sorrowful and difficult ones, and you will get a warm welcome at your station chaplaincy centre.

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