The University Air Squadron (UAS) offers a unique chance to sample RAF life. Our main role is to attract ambitious and intelligent students into a career as an RAF officer, but joining us doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join the RAF.

As well as specialist training and the chance to fly, you will learn valuable leadership and team-building skills.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in numerous sports and adventurous training such as rock climbing, skiing and sailing – both in the UK and abroad.


Prior to joining a UAS, candidates should attend a freshers' fayre or other event, to meet students and staff, and learn more about the UAS they hope to join. Held early in the autumn term, the dates of these can be found on the squadron pages below.

Candidates should have at least two years remaining on their current degree program, and should meet the eligibility criteria.

All UASs carry out selection interviews and candidates will also be required to complete the RAF Fitness Test upon joining the UAS.

You can check if your university is linked to a UAS or look for a specific UAS.


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