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£150 CILOCT Rebate

On 3 Feb 22 the Government announced that qualifying households would receive a £150 rebate of Council Tax (CT) to assist with the increase in the cost of living caused by sharp rises in energy bills. To ensure that Service personnel (SP) are not disadvantaged as a result of their Service, the MOD will deliver £150 rebate of Charge in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT) to eligible SP in designated accommodation types to replicate the intent of the government scheme.

Payment of the £150 rebate to SP will be implemented in the Jul 22 payroll to reach SP no later than 31 Jul 22.

Approximately 28,500 SP have been identified as eligible for the £150 CILOCT rebate, across all UK nations and the total HMT cost for the rebate is estimated at £4,275,000.

SPs paying for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and Substitute SFA (SSFA) rates of CILOCT on 1 Apr 22, for Type A, B, C, D, DS, 5 or 5S (A to 5) accommodation are eligible. 

Full details are available by clicking on the image below and there is also a list of Q&As below.


CILOCT Rebate - Q&A