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No defence for abuse

Many people will have observed White Ribbon Day, the day that officially begins a period of 16 Days of awareness raising regarding the issue of domestic violence. 

While some campaigns will focus explicitly on male violence against women, in Defence, we are using this opportunity to focus on domestic abuse in all its forms, to acknowledge all our survivors, and to send the message to any perpetrators within our ranks that domestic abuse is incompatible with the core values of our organisation. 

Domestic abuse encompasses many crimes, including sexual abuse, stalking, and the more insidious coercive and controlling tactics, which are often used against victims.  The effects may not be physically visible and this fact, when coupled with the culture of silence that too often surrounds these issues, will mean that there are many people who endure abusive relationships and do not come forward. 
We encourage all Defence people to carefully consider the materials available over the next 16 days but not to cease at this point, rather to embrace this moment as the start of a personal commitment to helping us make our Defence community a safer place.   

There is more on the global campaign on this website.

And for internal MOD users, there is a range of events, videos and materials etc to support this campaign, available here