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Removals and SFA Moves

The MOD's Industry Partner for Service removals has advised the Services that removals suppliers are reporting challenges in meeting all tasks on the movement dates requested; a shortage of packers, porters and drivers across the industry are combining to create the perfect storm.

An early observation is that a large number of moves are being requested where the Service person has already booked their move in / out slots, reducing the flexibility available to suppliers to smooth the flow of moves over a slightly extended period. Work is ongoing to understand the full impact and where specific additional flexibility may be required from customers in order to assist and this detail will be shared in due course.

Already this year there are a number of dates in July where suppliers are at full capacity and with the number of removals registrations increasing, more Service Personnel are likely to experience disappointment with their requested dates.

They have therefore asked that Service personnel await a removals booking confirmation prior to securing slots for their move in / out.

Your cooperation is appreciated.