RAF STEM Ambassadors receive STIXX Training

Personnel work to erect a handmade tent frame.

Over the last couple of months, RAF STEM Ambassadors have been gathering to undertake training on the STIXX machine!

Personnel pose behind handmade frame.

The STIXX machine looks a bit like an old mangle and is a fantastic piece of equipment that rolls newspaper and wallpaper paste into tight giant rods that can be used for construction challenges. 

The STIXX machine and newspaper.

Jeremy King from ‘STEMinschools’ retails the equipment and has been visiting some RAF Bases to up-skill our new RAF STEM Ambassadors and show them how the STIXX can be effectively used to deliver STEM activities.

Personnel work on their handmade frame.

Once the rods have been rolled they can be bent, tied together, cut and manipulated to create a myriad of designs from shelters to shields to chairs to cat masks!  They create an endless possibility for design, innovation and exploration and are surprisingly robust!  The STEM Ambassadors had a great time learning how they can best use this equipment in schools and youth groups across the UK and look forward to opportunities to bring them into the classrooms.

Personnel work on their handmade frame.

If you are interested in finding what an RAF STEM Ambassador can do with a STIXX STEM event at your school please contact us.