RAF Typhoon Unit Gingerbread Challenge

Typhoon display made out of Gingerbread.

The RAF STEM team have been offering some festive fun in the lead up to Christmas, with four different challenges to try at home or in the classroom.  The final Christmas Challenge was designed by RAF STEM Ambassadors, Corporal Hartill from RAF Lossiemouth, to test your baking and engineering skills by constructing a tasty gingerbread Typhoon.

Squadron Leader Duke, the RAF Lossiemouth STEM Team Lead, duly set out to test the challenge.  Armed with the technical manual, he took command of his kitchen and called on all his engineering skills to complete the task.  Surprised by how tricky gingerbread could be to work with, he was delighted with the end result.

"It tasted delicious; nothing got burned and my kitchen was not set on fire!"

Squadron Leader Duke
RAF Lossiemouth STEM Team Lead

Typhoon made from gingerbread.

He captured the construction of the challenge, from pre-production through to 'Ready for flight' trials.  We have it on good authority from family and friends, that the flight path from plate to stomach was short, extremely successful and very much enjoyed! 

Making gingerbread on the stove, melting the chocolate and butter.

Gingerbread baking in the oven.

Gingerbread biscuits on the baking trays.

You can download the STEM Challenge pack instructions here, and view the other Christmas challenges.

Flight Lieutenant Tizick, a STEM Ambassadors from RAF Coningsby, set out to show how the engineering cycle of imagine, plan, create, experiment and improve can be applied to anything - even gingerbread making!  Having successfully used the manual to the original plan, she wanted to challenge herself further and create a Squadron of Gingerbread Typhoons!  She adapted the recipe quantities and the template accordingly, bringing in some new design elements.  The end product looks absolutely fantastic!

Typhoon display made out of Gingerbread.

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