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Cadets flower thanks to ALOTT of work to be environmentally friendly

Thinking about a squadron’s environmental impact and making it happen has won 888 (Oldbury) Squadron an inaugural Royal Air Force Air Command Environmental (Best Environmental Initiative, RAFAC) title.

The awards were launched last May with a category entitled “RAF Air Cadets - Best Environmental Initiative.” Commandant RAF Air Cadets then launched a competition to identify the most imaginative proposals and successful projects which have or would have benefits across a broad range of environmental and sustainability dimensions within the organisation.

"When finding out about the award all the staff and cadets were all very excited, this is very positive award for the squadron and hopefully others in RAF Air Cadets and wider community will also start to look at their own carbon footprint/recycling methods, “said Flying Officer Chad Hadley, Officer Commanding 888 (Oldbury) Squadron. 

The squadron’s recycling system was started by Acting Pilot Officer Ferreira and has been a great success as the cadets were invested in making sure they minimized their carbon footprint, starting with simple things such as placing the correct items in the correct bin.

888 Squadron's recycling
888 (Oldham) Squadron's recycling initiative 

An allotment project run by Flight Sergeant Milman taught cadets the basics in growing vegetables and managing the land. These two simple ideas have made a positive impact on all the cadets and staff on the unit

Group Captain Roger Simon, Regional Commandant Wales & West, said:

“I was delighted to hear of the Squadron’s success in being the first Squadron to receive the Air Command Environmental Award for the ATC Squadron with the best environmental initiative. As global citizens of this world, we must all do what we can to limit our impact on the planet and nature, and the Squadron’s work to reduce its carbon footprint, re-cycle waste and grow healthy and organic food on its own allotment has shown a great example for others. The RAF and RAF Air Cadets are committed to reduce carbon emissions and achieve Net Zero by 2040 and the staff and cadets of Oldbury Squadron are setting the standard within the Air Cadets, encouraging others to do the same.”

Group Captain Roger Simon

Regional Commandant Wales & West

Representatives from 888 (Oldbury) Squadron will receive their trophy and award at the annual RAF Air Cadets honours and awards ceremony at RAF College Cranwell.


Does your squadron or contingent have green fingers? Do you do any walk to squadron initiatives? Do you have any recycling or sustainable systems in place? Well the awards are currently open again and you need to submit your submissions to win this years competition and cash prize. What are you waiting for? Get your OC to look on the safety hub on BADER.

The competition closes on 15th October.


Green fingers? Walk to squadron initiatives? Reducing your carbon emissions? Sustainable projects? Allotments? Recycling systems in place?


Well what are you waiting for? Tell us and the RAF what YOU are doing to make the RAF Air Cadets more sustainable and save the planet… and inspire other squadrons and contingents to follow your lead. You could even win a £150.00 cash prize.