RAF Reserves: Employers' overview

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The RAF currently partners with just over 1200 businesses across the UK, with both parties mutually benefiting from the opportunities employing a reservist brings.

We’re constantly looking for new businesses to join us, to help provide the skill sets and reservists we’ll need for the future.

RAF Reservists train and serve alongside the Regular Forces. They make up a significant element of the nation’s defence capacity and are currently supporting operations worldwide and here in the UK.

Attracting and retaining the quality of people we need is critical - by supporting your reservist employees you can help ensure that the RAF is ready to deliver a transformational, cutting edge Next Generation Air Force.

Benefits to your business

World class transferrable training to develop key skills such as leadership, communication, self confidence and teamwork

Accredited skills in health & safety, first aid, IT, and personnel management

Fit and resourceful employees trained to operate under pressure with sound judgement and respect for others

Enhanced employee retention through extraordinary role variety which may not be available in your organisation

The team's accomplishment stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of reserve personnel, reaffirming our capacity to provide essential and effective global support.
Sergeant Jemma Holmes

RAF Reservists provide invaluable capacity to the Royal Air Force both in the UK and whilst deployed across the Globe

During 2023, Jemma led a small team of RAF Reservists from 606 Squadron who were tasked with a unique mission in Brunei to relocate the 230 Squadron Puma Force. The Squadron delivers essential flying support to jungle warfare training, providing logistical and emergency provision to British Forces learning to operate and survive in austere jungle environments. The team of four RAF Reserves co-ordinated and completed multiple journeys, safely moving millions of pounds worth of equipment and relocating the entire Squadron Operating Base some 57 miles from the North of the Country to the South.  Jemma and her team completed this incredible challenge in 5 weeks with zero flying hours lost.

Partnering with us

We are looking for new businesses to partner with us.

Businesses and organisations of all sizes can can take the first step by committing their support through signing the Armed Forces Covenant, a public pledge to support the Armed Forces community and their country.  

You will have access to local level specialist support and a designated point of contact to provide advice on procedures and answer any questions. Our relationship with you is essential and we commit considerable resources to ensure this is strengthened and developed. 

Find out more at gov.uk

RAF Reservists are deployed around the world 24/7. They gain new skills and experiences that are second to none,  all of which can be brought back to be utilised in your business.

Reservist Employers
Civilian employers
Self employed
industry sectors


The Ministry of Defence recognises and honours the commitment provided by organisations, with a 3-tier award scheme. Benefits for award holders include:

  • Exclusive networking opportunities at one of our engagement events
  • Discounts on corporate venue hire at iconic locations such as the RAF Museum
  • Access to outstanding courses for your staff in leadership, management and teamwork skills
We know that diversity of thought, background and experience enables better decision making, improves the quality of delivery and helps to meet the needs of our customers. The high-quality training Jemma receives from the RAF benefits all parties.
QBE Europe, Business Insurance

Reserves are mobilised in times of national emergency or when there is a threat against the UK

What happens when Reserves are mobilised?

When a reservist is mobilised, the MoD provide an information pack with details of your statutory rights and obligations as an employer. This includes when and for how long your reservist will be mobilised, and a point of contact for advice and questions. The Armed Forces aims to give 90 days’ notice of planned operational commitments (reduced to 28 days’ where absolutely necessary.)

If your employee is mobilised there is a comprehensive range of financial assistance available to support you, which can include salary costs, additional salary to cover a temporary replacement with handover costs when the employee returns back to work.

Ready to become a reservist employer?

Contact your Regional Employer Engagement Director