Global Enablement

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In November 2022, Global Enablement was created by combining the RAF Force Protection, Battlespace Management Operations and Support Forces.

This change brought together the Air Combat Support and Air Combat Service Support Units, under the leadership of a single 1* commander, Commander Global Enablement.

Global Enablement consists of 8000 individuals, including Officers, Aviators, Gunners and Civil Servants. Their main responsibility is to provide the specialised skills needed to support the global operations of the RAF's Air and Space capabilities.

Portrait of Air Officer Global Enablement, Air Commodore Jamie Thompson


Air Commodore Jamie Thompson

Air Commodore Jamie Thompson, commands the Global Enablement organisation, providing specialist enabling units for the RAF and wider Defence.

Having joined the RAF as a Weapons Technician in 1997, he Commissioned in 2003, as a Communications Electronics Engineering Officer. He has served in Air Defence, Air Land Integration, Intelligence and Cyber Communications appointments. Having deployed on multiple global operations, he has had the privilege of command at every level, having recently commanded the RAF Regiment and RAF Police, before his current appointment.

A graduate of the Canadian Forces Joint Command and Staff Program, he has also held command of NATO NCIA forces in the UK and served as the Deputy Principal Staff Officer to The Chief of Defence Staff

Our people are the spear tip for global operations, they ensure the RAF can operate where and when it needs to. I am immensely proud to work alongside so many great operators, who time and again complete their mission to the highest standard in the most testing circumstances.
Air Commodore Jamie Thompson
Commander Global Enablement

Force elements

Global Enablement is built around six different forces. These forces work together to train and operate in a way that ensures the RAF and Defence have highly prepared forces that can be quickly deployed when needed.

90 signals unit

90 Signals Unit perform communications tasks to prepare, deploy, sustain and recover information services for multi-domain operations and exercises. This helps protect the RAF’s online space and digital services, making operations and the organisation more efficient using technology.

Air Security Force

The Air Security Force consists of RAF Police, Military Provost Guard Service and Civil Servants who have a global responsibility for the policing and security of the RAF.

Combat Readiness Force

The Combat Readiness Force is responsible for defending the RAF in order to enable Air and Space Operations. Protection of the RAF’s people, assets and operating environments is its primary objective.

Air Command & Control Force

Air Command and Control Force watches over the skies 24/7 in UK and NATO airspace, and other places abroad. They direct military air systems to keep the UK and our NATO allies safe. They also provide Air Command and Control to air assets and enable Tactical Data Links (TDLs) in the UK and overseas.

Medical force

The Medical Force delivers a global aeromedical evacuation service for defence. They plan medical care for air operations and prepare both regular and reserve RAF Medical Services staff, to go on missions and training activities all over the world.

Support force

Support Force provides essential and quickly deployable logistics, engineering, and support abilities that are necessary to maintain operations and training exercises globally.


We are constantly recruiting, training, and developing individuals to work in Global Enablement.

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