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RAF Global Enablement host the latest Very High Readiness Conference

RAF Global Enablement have hosted the latest Joint Forces Headquarters (JFHQ) Very High Readiness (VHR) Conference at RAF Honington.

Commander Global Enablement talking to RAF Police personnel
Air Cdre Jamie Thompson speaking with Flight Sergeant Lall from No.1 Tactical Police and Security Squadron

Personnel from across Defence, including representatives from the Single Services and Strategic Command, came together to share experiences and build an understanding about their available capabilities which are deployed in response to a crisis.

Military personnel from different services, chatting at the conference

Forces from the JFHQ, Global Enablement, 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team and the UK Commando Force gathered to share lessons learnt in recent deployments. The information shared will assist everyone to work together as a community and overcome future challenges.

RAF medic showing the kit used on deployment
Brigadier Maynard, Chief of Joint Force Operations, speaking with members of Tactical Medical Wing

“Defences Very High Readiness Forces are the at the forefront of providing options to the Government from Defence in the event of crisis events around the Globe, under the Chief of Joint Operations and the Joint Force Headquarters, RAF Global Enablement provides the specialist capabilities which are required to establish, secure and operate Temporary Landing Zones and forward operating areas for Air. Working alongside other High Readiness forces from the Royal Navy and British Army we are ready to go at a moments notice, where and when needed.”

Air Commodore Thompson
Commander Global Enablement

This is the first time RAF Global Enablement have hosted the VHR Conference, which provided the opportunity for the Global Enablement Forces to highlight their deployable capabilities which included No.3 Mobile Catering Squadron providing lunch for the Conference from their field kitchen. The capabilities within RAF Global Enablement are able to respond rapidly to support crisis events, such as providing humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and Non Combative evacuation.

RAF chefs preparing lunch in the field kitchen
No.3 Mobile Catering Squadron providing Lunch for the Conference from their field kitchen

“UK Defence’s ability to respond and operate coherently in crisis situations relies on a thorough understanding of each other’s capabilities, strong inter-Service and inter-departmental relationships and an innate ability to coordinate action rapidly. Opportunities such as this week’s VHR Conference provide a perfect platform for the community to come together at all levels to build these relationships, become better informed about what each Service can offer whilst also considering lessons from recent events such as Op Pitting and Polar Bear”.

Group Captain Jules Weekes
Commander Combat and Readiness Force

Military personnel from across the services, discussing capabilities
The Air Security Force speaking to personnel from across the Single Services

The VHR Conference promotes discussion and understanding of the High Readiness Capabilities within the single Services, whilst developing coherence across the Defence VHR Community.