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The RAF’s cyberspace communications specialists are operating on the cutting edge to protect the RAF and UK against cyberspace threats.

The UK’s potential adversaries are growing their capability and confidence to launch cyberspace attacks that could prevent our ability to protect UK airspace and provide air power overseas.

Our RAF cyberspace communications specialists are continuously working in the UK and deployed around the world to combat these threats.

  • Monitoring and safeguarding our military IT networks from intrusions
  • Keeping UK military aircraft safe from targeting by hostile weapons systems
  • Protecting the UK’s critical civilian and military air and space systems, such as air traffic control
  • Ensuring the RAF’s information and communications are safe and secure

Cyberspace attacks are a constant and real threat - RAF cyberspace communication specialists monitor, protect, and defend UK interests 24/7/365, operating state of the art cyberspace facilities

attacks per day on British Military targets which were serious enough to warrant an intervention

We conduct rigorous cyberspace vulnerability assessments on all our aircraft

We also have the cyberspace expertise, technology, and capability to exploit opportunities and gain a military advantage over our adversaries.

We can conduct cyberspace operations to deny, disrupt and degrade their capabilities in the air, space, land, sea and cyberspace domains. 

Importantly, the UK conducts cyberspace operations in line with a well-established domestic legal framework and deploys its cyberspace capabilities in accordance with international law.

Cutting edge communications

Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are collaborating with industry partners to develop cutting edge communication in the next generation of combat aircraft

Secure communications

Secure communication is essential for our people, aircraft, and equipment to operate and provide air power.

Our cyberspace communications specialists deploy worldwide to establish and secure advanced, encrypted communication networks, plus radars and air traffic equipment.

Our role is critical to what the Air Force does. The RAF as a whole can't survive without communications: our job is to defend those communications
RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist

Working in partnership

We continuously collaborate on cyber security with the Royal Navy and British Army, and other UK partners such as the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Cyber Force.

The National Cyber Force brings together defence and intelligence capabilities under one united command to conduct targeted, responsible offensive cyber operations that support the UK’s national security priorities.

We also collaborate closely with our international allies on cyberspace security.

For instance, RAF cyberspace communications specialists regularly participate with international forces in large exercises like Red Flag (Nevada, USA) to train for combating cyber threats.

RAF Cyberspace roles 

The ongoing success of our cyberspace work depends on a wide range of RAF people: regulars and reserves, personnel and civilians. RAF Cyberspace communications specialists from various RAF units across RAF Stations are ready to be deployed on operations around the world.

Days are varied. One minute things appear relatively normal, then all of a sudden an operation is stood up to address a new threat.
RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist

Working in cyberspace is highly technical so we invest in world leading training and qualifications to develop ‘deep’ specialisms in our people.

Our cyberspace specialists attend the Defence Cyber School, a centre of excellence, supplemented with expertise from industry and academia.

The RAF's cyberspace range allows teams of cyberspace defenders to train in realistic exercises against simulated threats.

Cyberspace Communication Specialist

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