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Claiming for compensation - AFCS and War Pension scheme video

DBS's Veterans UK have released the first bite-size video, within a series, which provides guidance to customers on the claims processes. This first video focuses on the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) and the War Pension Scheme (WPS) providing advice to customers on what they need to know before making a claim for compensation.

Within the video it gives customers details on examples of supporting evidence which may help to process their claim quicker, along with circumstances which may extend the time it takes to process their claim.

Earlier this year, Veterans UK produced a series of Customer Journey Maps the beginning of a campaign to show they are committed to enhancing their services and continuously improving after listening to feedback from end users. This series of videos comes as continuation of that and aims to help simplify and guide customers through the claims processes and by giving answers to common queries.

Veterans UK recommend utilising the newly released video and the Customer Journey Maps, to get a more complete picture of the claims process and what they can expect from the offset.

Veterans UK are in the process of developing more targeted bite-size videos, which will provide more detail and guidance on the AFCS, WPS and Appeals process.

To read more about this series and the Customer Journey Maps you can visit GOV.UK, and you can also follow Veterans UK on Facebook @modveteransuk and Twitter @VeteransUK_MOD.