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Financial Resilience Awareness Brief

Looking to increase your financial know-how or get support?  

With Christmas expenditure behind us, and the increasing cost of living still very much at the forefront of people’s minds, now is a good time to think about our financial health.

If you are worried about your finances or simply want to feel more in control of your income and outgoings, then a new RAF resource may be useful.  With the help of the RAF Benevolent Fund and Serve and Protect Credit Union, we have drawn together information on Financial Resilience (looking after your money), which is accessible here.   

Finance is a big and complex subject, which is governed by lots of rules.  This new information source, presented in a simple-to-use Sway, will signpost you to relevant organisations and give you straightforward ideas about how you can take control of your finances.  Built in bite-sized chunks, it is a great reference source that you can always come back to. 

It offers information on budgeting, saving and borrowing money.  There are also great links to partner organisations who can offer support and guidance for those who are struggling to manage their finances.