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Return To Fitness Week 3

Return To Fitness Programme.

RAF Return To Fitness Programme Week 3

Are you preparing for a Fitness test or want to return to fitness now training facilities are open again? 

RAF Physical Training Instructors have created a Return to Fitness Package to help personnel maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing.

"The ongoing pandemic has presented many challenges and to coincide with the gradual easing of restrictions our RAF Physical Training Instructors have created a Return to Fitness Package to assist Regular and Reserve personnel to maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing.  Based on a progressive programme of activities and including important nutritional advice, personnel will have access to information leaflets, videos and audio files for use at home, at the gym or outdoors."

Air Commodore Simon Harper
ACOS Training

Welcome to Week 3 of the programme.  Building on your excellent work so far; this week is designed to gradually demand more from you in terms of exercise difficulty, repetitions and duration of running.

By modifying these exercise components, we can induce a relative level of ‘stress’ – a key component when we look to improve our running or exercise performance. 

Too little stress in a training programme will result in a plateau and reduction in progress, whilst too much stress can result in injury or overtraining – the aim is to deliver just enough stress that the body optimally adapts to its new requirements.  We can maximise this progression through adequate sleep, nutrition and recovery strategies.

The videos are all available from the Official RAF YouTube Channel and the Return To Fitness page.

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Good luck!