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Chinook Display Team: RAFA Rides

On Sunday 14th June, members of the RAF Chinook Display Team took part in the Royal Air Force Association Virtual Bike Ride. A 2.5 mile loop around RAF Odiham airfield formed the course for our ride where we had 2 hours to complete as many miles as possible. The 2018 display captain Flt Lt Stu Kynaston dug out his triathlon bike and set off like a rocket leaving everyone else in his wake. The remaining 20 or so participants quickly settled in to a solid 2 hours of riding, each going at their own pace. The 2020 display captain Flt Lt Matthew Smyth thought 2 hours of riding was too easy so set off from the start line with 2 flat tyres, and made it almost half way round the first loop before pulling over to pump them up. 

The Team along with another 20 Odiham based personnel cycled a combined total of over 600 miles in the 2 hours we had to use the airfield. Along with highlighting some of the outstanding work the Royal Air Force Association do for serving members, veterans and families of the RAF, the Display Team and RAF Odiham were able to add to the total of over £62,000 raised by those taking part across the RAF.

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