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Regiment Band unveils the new uniform of Royal Air Force Music Services.

To mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force on 1 April 2018, the Bands’ uniform has been updated to incorporate features from the past 100 years.

The updated uniform features the cuff embellishments from the 1923 uniform and jacket embellishments from 1946.  The gold-trimmed blue belt and buckle is reinstated from 1960 and although the aiguillettes have gone, the 3-rope corded plait epaulettes are reinstated from the 1958 uniform.  The trousers revert to a single stripe in gold and the headdress remains the same as was issued in 2011.  The tunic now features a revised dark blue collar insert with a gold trim that matches the jacket’s rear panels and cuff design.  All RAFMS personnel now wear the same shoulder flashes that feature ‘RAF MUSIC’ to clearly denote the service that they belong to and represent.

The Band of the RAF Regiment exhibited the uniform at the annual service at St Clement Danes church – the Central Church of the RAF.  To mark the anniversary of the formation of the world’s first independent air force; this was an important opportunity for those serving in the RAF and the wider RAF family to commemorate their past, celebrate their success and inspire the public as to their contribution to the UK’s national security and prosperity.

The uniform was also displayed at the first Halton Graduation in the Centenary year of the Royal Air Force on 3 April, where ‘Hip, Hip, Hoorays’ were added to the parade to mark the occasion.


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