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83 Expeditionary Air Group hosts Lords committee in the Middle East

Representatives of the House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee were hosted 83 Expeditionary Air Group as part of a wide-reaching visit to the Middle East.

Members of the committee who are appointed to consider the United Kingdom’s international relations and defence policy were met by Air Commodore Thomas the UK Air Component Commander at 83 Expeditionary Air Group who briefed them on current Operations and the RAFs contribution to Operations in the Middle East.

This visit provided great opportunity to showcase the great work of 83 Expeditionary Air Group and the complex work that goes into delivering Air Operations, not just the Missions over Iraq and eastern Syria but the close relationships with our allies, working closely to Exercise and train with partner forces.

Air Commodore Thomas
UK Air Component Commander at 83 Expeditionary Air Group

While at the HQ the delegation met with the personnel responsible for planning and delivering air operations across the Middle East and gain a greater understanding of the variety of Operations, Exercises and defence activity conducted by the RAF with our allies, NATO, and partners within the region. They also met with Policy Advisors attached to the Expeditionary Air Group.

Later in the day they were taken to visit a US Air Force KC-135 operated by the 91st Expeditionary Air Refuelling wing where they were briefed on the vital role of Air-to-Air Refuelling, which provides enhanced reach and mission time for combat aircraft. They were briefed by Major Sergeant Widener on operating the boom and the variety of aircraft the aircraft support. They were also invited to join Lieutenant Colonel Lane on the flight deck as the talked them through the missions and flying the aircraft.

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