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Northern Reserve Support Wing thanked for their work

Image shows RAF sitting in camouflage uniform.

Air Vice Marshal Munro, Commandant General Royal Auxiliary Air Force and Chief of Staff Reserves, visited the Northern Reserve Support Wing at RAF Leeming to review the pilot scheme and thank the team for their work, initiative and drive over the last six months.

He was accompanied by  members of the Senior Leadership Team as well as those Stakeholders that have supported and advised the Pilot team.

Image shows RAF aviators standing for photo.

Air Vice Marshal Munro met the latest recruits undertaking their 8 day Basic Recruit Training Course Part 1, Phase 1, and was briefed by the Staff.

Image shows RAF aviator shaking hands.

What has been achieved here at RAF Leeming in the last six months has been impressive. The Northern Reserve Support Wing has shown what can be achieved in short order, and with the right mind set, and an excellent supportive network developed around them.

The Reserve Support Wing construct will allow us to grown the Reserve component and be efficient with the resources we have available to us – allowing us to increase our support to the Wholeforce wherever we are required.

The concept has been proven and I’m confident that we will get the green light to roll out the other RSWs.

Air Vice Marshal Munro
Commandant General Royal Auxiliary Air Force and Chief of Staff Reserves

Image shows RAF aviators presenting to class.

I have been enormously impressed with the can do attitude of my team. They have pulled together with the common aim of delivering a successful Support Wing to 607, 609 and 611 Squadrons. It hasn’t been without its challenges and the structural and cultural changes have at times caused understandable uncertainty. The fact that the team are so well motivated and supportive to the Pilot speaks volumes and I can’t thank them enough.

Wing Commander Fry
Officer Commanding Northern Reserve Support Wing

Image shows RAF aviator presenting to class.

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