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RAF ground elements work with other nations on Spears of Victory 24

Spears of Victory 24 - the main Saudi run air exercise of the year - draws to a close, and an important element of the exercise for the RAF detachment was to take the opportunity to work with the other nations that also took part. 

RAF serviceperson speaking to a group of UAE personnel

Spears of Victory 24, as in previous years, is a multi-national air training exercise that is run by the Royal Saudi Air Force. The facilities include six maintenance hangars capable of accommodating two aircraft each, together with 24 aircraft sun shelters. 

Personnel from participating nations.

This year, the detachments from France, Greece, Qatar, the UAE and the US, together with the RAF, were allocated one hangar each and six sun shades.  The exercise has therefore created the daily opportunity of interaction between all of the ground elements of the detachments to meet and share how they work.

Personnel from participating nations working together.

The ground support element of the RAF deployed personnel included XI (Fighter) Squadron Engineers, the Detachment Logistic Group and other augmentees to provide the full range of the various staff functions that form a Headquarters Forward function.

“The first task for the DLG was to deploy all of the exercise personnel and all of the freight. We have something called a Force Element Table and the Pre Equipment Package, which we bring out for the fighter squadron. On top of that we're supporting the move for all of the kit for elements such as the Tactical Med Wing and 90 Signals Unit detachments."

Flight Lieutenant Boyle
DLG Commander deployed on Spears of Victory 24

Two servicepeople walking together

In addition to the DLG other enablers that deployed on the exercise including personnel from the Tactical Medical Wing, to provide a link into the Saudi medical system if required.  RAF Police also deployed to work with RSAF security personnel.

“Once we're all set up into the location and the exercise, our role then is to really maintain the supply of equipment needed. Each individual element, including the squadron, might require things. It could be anything from an ink cartridge to an aircraft spare and it's our responsibility to be able to supply that. This will be either from the equipment that we brought with us or we might need to source that back from the UK or other locations, or even source that from within location or the exercise."

Flight Lieutenant Boyle
DLG Commander deployed on Spears of Victory 24 

Group of three speaking to medical personnel

“Spears of Victory 24 is an extremely important training opportunity for our force enablers to work alongside strategic partners in the region to demonstrate the Combat Air capacity of our highly trained pilots and engineers in the Typhoon Force.

Enablement through empowered HQ representatives here with us facilitates high sortie rates and ultimately enhances our lethality.  That the DLG take care of so many critical support functions means I can focus the Force Element, in this case Elven Fighter Squadron, on tactical output.  The symbiotic relationship reaps rewards and is at the heart of an Agile Combat Employment operating model."

Squadron Leader Hodgkinson
UK Detachment Commander

Three servicepeople looking at something together

Ultimately, the exercise is designed to increase the tactical proficiency of all participating nations. By working together, the exercise develops participating nations' ability to plan and execute complex missions together, in a contested air environment.