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RAF Success at the 2023 Royal Aeronautical Society Awards

Image shows an RAF Voyager aircraft.

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) recently announced the 2023 winners of the global aerospace community’s most prestigious and long-standing awards honouring achievement and innovation.

The Awards recognise and celebrate individuals and teams who have made an exceptional contribution in the aerospace, aviation or space industries, whether it is for an outstanding achievement, a major technical innovation, exceptional leadership or for work that will further advance the industry.

Image shows an RAF Voyager aircraft with fuel trucks in the foreground.

The 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Voyager Team was awarded the Society’s Silver Medal for achieving the first flight of a large military aircraft without fossil fuels, and the first UK flight powered by SAF.

The Voyager aircraft took to the skies over Oxfordshire powered entirely by 100% SAF in November 2022, paving the way for a range of possibilities for the future of flying military and civilian aircraft.

Sustainable aviation fuel – which is made from waste-based sustainable feedstocks, such as used cooking oil – reduces lifecycle carbon emissions on average by up to 80% compared to the conventional jet fuel it replaces, this lessens the RAF’s reliance on global supply chains, and improves operational resilience.

Image shows Flight Lieutenant Doyle.

Flt Lt George Doyle was awarded the Society’s Herbert le Sueur Award for contributions to maintenance practices for Royal Air Force survival equipment technicians, and policy changes to documentation standards.

Flt Lt Doyle joined the Royal Air Force in November 2020, having gained an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from Loughborough University. Having completed Modular Initial Officer Training and Aeronautical Specialist Engineering Officer Training, he was posted to RAF Coningsby and appointed as Officer Commanding Survival Equipment Flight.

During this tenure and as Defence demand for the Typhoon Force increased, he has continued to lead his team even when the required output surpassed that of his Flight’s resource. Doyle has demonstrated a tenacious drive to improving Survival Equipment Technician engineering practices; Survival Equipment engineering governance; and Survival Equipment engineering documentation.

“The Royal Aeronautical Society Honours, Medals and Awards are the most prestigious and long-standing recognition of innovation and excellence in aerospace, aviation and space globally. The RAeS has been honouring pioneers of flight since Wilbur and Orville Wright received the Society’s first Gold medal for completing the first successful powered heavier than air flight.”

Kerissa Khan MRAeS
President of the Royal Aeronautical Society