In December 2023, UK Space Command allocated squadron status to the 1 Space Operations Squadron.

1 Space Operations Squadron is a UK Space Command unit embedded within the National Space Operations Centre.

The National Space Operations Centre combines and coordinates civil and military Space Domain Awareness (SDA) capabilities. SDA – the ability to understand and respond to what is happening in space – underpins all space activities and is a critical requirement for delivering a wide range of UK civil and military space objectives.



1 Space Operations Squadron provide the military element of the National Space Operations Centre (NSpOC). The NSpOC is led by UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency, in partnership with the Met Office. The NSpOC operates and develops the UK’s space surveillance and protection capabilities.

The NSpOC combines and coordinates civil and military space domain awareness capabilities to enable UK space operations and protect UK interests from space-related threats, risks, and hazards. The team includes around 70 military and civilian personnel.