27 Squadron

Providing rapid air mobility worldwide in support of the RAF on operations.

With all speed to the Stars

An elephant - approved by HM King Edward VIII in October 1936. The badge was based on an unofficial emblem first used in 1934 and commemorates the Squadron's first operational aircraft - the Martinsyde G100 'Elephant' - and the unit's long sojourn to India.


  • Based at RAF Odiham, home of the UK Chinook Force
  • Has covered roles from reconnaissance, night-fighter, anti-shipping to support helicopter
  • Aircraft flown include the Elephant, Dakota C4, Tornado GR1 and Puma
  • Providing tactical air transport to front-line troops in Iraq (Operation TELIC) and Afghanistan (Operation HERRICK)


1914 - Formed at Hounslow Heath.

1945 - Became an air-jungle rescue unit.

1961 - One of the first units to carry the Blue Steel stand-off missile.

2003 - Took part in the Operation TELIC in Iraq.

2017 - Supported the UK relief effort in the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma.

Battle honours

Western Front 1916-1918*

Somme 1916*


Ypres 1917*

Cambrai 1917*

Somme 1918*



Hindenburg Line

Mahsud 1920

Waziristan 1920-1925

Mohmund 1927

North West Frontier 1930-1931

Mohmund 1933

North West Frontier 1935-1939

Malaya 1941-1942*

Arakan 1942-1944*

North Burma 1944*

Burma 1944-1945

Gulf 1991

Iraq 2003-2011

Afghanistan 2001-2014

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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