56 Squadron

Developing the capabilities of the RAF's airborne Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) units. 

What if the heavens fall?

A phoenix - approved by King Edward VIII in July 1936. The phoenix was chosen to underline the Squadron's ability to reappear intact regardless of the odds.


  • Stationed at RAF Waddington, as part of the Air Warfare Centre
  • The Squadron crest was awarded after the World War One, during which the aircrew were all lost in a matter of days
  • Contributes to the operational development and optimisation of the RAF's Air C2ISR capabilities


1916 - Formed at Gosport.

1917 -  First Squadron to fly Royal Aircraft Factory S.E. 5a.

1941 - First squadron to fly Hawker Typhoon.

1954 - First, and only, unit to fly the Supermarine Swift Mk.1 and Mk.2.

1963 - Fighter Command's official demonstration team, flying aerobatics with Lightning Mk.1A interceptors.

2008 - Squadron hangs up its fighter boots, taking on the role of Air C2ISR Test and Evaluation Squadron.

Battle honours

Western Front 1917-1918*

Arras 1917

Ypres 1917*

Cambrai 1917

(Second Battle of) Somme 1918*

Amiens 1918

Hindenburg Line 1918

France and Low Countries 1940

Dunkirk 1940*

Battle of Britain 1940*

Fortress Europe 1942-1944

Dieppe 1942

France and Germany 1944-1945*

Normandy 1944*

Home defence 1942-1945

Arnhem 1944*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, are emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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